American presence Beyond the Shores of Tripoli: 1775 to 1856

Andrew Oliver: Beyond the Shores of Tripoli, American Archaeology in the in the Eastern Mediterranean 1789-1879, Washington 1979.

Ward Nicholas Boylston (1749-1828) of Boston, Alexandria and Cairo

John Ledyard (1751-1788), died in Cairo, late 1788 or early 1789

William Eaton (1764-1811), U.S. Navy, Nov 26 into Feb 1805 (Alexandria
& Cairo) with:
Lieut. Presley N. O’Bannon (U.S. Marine Corps)
George Mann (midshipman)
Eli Danielson (midshipman and Eaton’s stepson)

Armed American brigantine, in January from Malta with a cargo for Mehemet Ali

• Francis Barthow (François Barthou), from at least this date. Seen
by Mendes Cohen in 1832

Captain Farris of the polacre Alligator of Philadelphia, in August,
spoke of the plague
Bostonian, author of “Letters from Asia.” Died of the plague en route
to Constantinople; Nov.?

George Bethune English, first visit in April into June, arrived from
Constantinople and Smyrna

• George Bethune English, Harvard College 1807, summer, left in March
1822 with Pliny Fisk
• American, self-styled Khalil Aga

• Luther Bradish (1783-1863), Williams 1804, after Mar. before Sept;
April or May at Dendera

Pliny Fisk (1792-1825), Middlebury College 1814; arrived January; left mid-March
Levi Parsons (1792-1822), Middlebury College 1814; arrived with Fisk;
died February 10
George Rapelje of New York (1771-1835), Columbia College 1791, April 9 – May 15

• Jonas King (1792-1869), Williams College 1816, January 10 – April 7
• Pliny Fisk, January 10 – April 7

Brig Fortune, Capt. Cutts, of Boston, to sail from Gibraltar for
Alexandria early November

Brig Erin, Capt Lawrence, of Boston, from Alexandria to Malta, July
13; to Alexandria, Sept 7

Former resident of Philadelphia writing to a friend in Annapolis, MD,
from Alexandria, July 1
Rev. Eli Smith (1801-1857), Yale 1821, on December 19 to January 30, 1827

Charles W. Skinner, Capt. U.S. sloop Warren, July, escorting the brig Smyrna
Lieutenant William Wister McKean (1800-1865)
Lieutenant William Levereth Hudson (1794-1862)
A third lieutenant,
The surgeon,
The purser,
Two midshipmen
Brig Smyrna, Capt S. Sprague, escorted by the Warren

• Henry Oliver of Baltimore, leaving mid-Feb, then to Smyrna,
Constantinople & Odessa
• Cornelius Bradford, US consul in Lyon (Philip Hone’s nephew), c. Feb
10 – early July

Mr. Ferguson of Natchez, Jan 30-Feb 21; seen by Rev. J.J. Robertson in
Athens, May 21
Robert W. Oakley (1803-32) of Poughkeepsie, Jan 30-Feb 21; returned to
NY 10/18/31
Theodore Allen (1801-50) of Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY, Jan 30-Feb
21; to NY 10/18/31

Matthew Calbraith Perry (1794-1858), commander of the Concord, March
25 – April 4
John Marshall, Lieutenant, Alexandria and Rosetta, March 30 - April 2,
with the following eight:
James Harmon Ward of Hartford CT (1806-1861), Lieutenant on the Concord
William McMurtrie, purser on the Concord
Dr. James M. Green, surgeon on the Concord
James Alden, Jr. of Portland, ME (1810-1877), Midshipman on the Concord
Oliver H. Perry, Midshipman on the Concord, son of Comm. Perry &
nephew of M.C. Perry
John Rodgers (1812-1882), Midshipman on the Concord, son of
Commodore John Rodgers
Dominick Lynch of New York (1813-1884), Midshipman on the Concord
Joseph W. Jenks, craft clerk (?) on the Concord
John T. Kirkland (1770-1840), arrived Alexandria on the Concord, March
25 – April 25
Elizabeth Cabot Kirkland (1785-1839), his wife
• Mendes I. Cohen of Baltimore (1796-1879), April 9 – August 27

Rev. Eli Smith (earlier in 1826), December 25 – early January 1834;
passport July 1833
Sarah Smith, his wife
Pickering Dodge (1804-1863), Harvard 1823; seen at dinner at Gliddon’s
by Eli Smith Dec 29

• J. Lewis Stackpole (1808-47), Harvard College 1824, arrived late in
Dec 1833 into April 1834
• Ralph Stead Izard (1815-58) of Charleston, arrived late in December
1833 into April 1834
• John W. Hamersley (1808-89) of New York, Columbia College 1826,
January 19 – May 25
John B. Nicolson, Captain and commander of the Delaware (apparently
did not go to Cairo)
Daniel T. Patterson (1786-1839), Commodore on the Delaware, ship in
Alexandria Jul 13-Aug 10
Mrs. George Ann Patterson (his wife, 1787-1851), and their three
daughters (and younger son):
Harriet Patterson (1813-1836) died on board the Delaware on February 15, 1836
Eliza Patterson (1814-1884) kept a journal
George Ann Patterson (1819-1893) kept a journal
Thomas Harmon Patterson (1820-1889), captain’s clerk (not yet a midshipman)
The Patterson family and 21 officers of the Delaware and Shark went to
Cairo (July 16-August 3)
Rev. George Jones (1800-1870), Yale 1823, chaplain of the Delaware
(published an account)
David R. Stewart (died 1835), lieutenant, Delaware (letter to a newspaper)
John S. Chauncey of New York (c. 1800-1871), lieutenant, Delaware
Dr. William Turk (1778-1855), Columbia College 1796, fleet surgeon, Delaware
Thomas Turner of Virginia (died 1883), lieut. & sailing master, Delaware
Dr Robert M. Baltzer (died 1838) Columbian Univ. DC Med. School
1832, asst surg. Delaware
Robert E. Johnson, passed midshipman, Delaware
Samuel Trumbull Gillett (1809- ), passed midshipman, Delaware
(letters to a newspaper)
Simeon B. Bissell of Vermont, 2nd acting master, Delaware
Allen M. Lane, midshipman, Delaware
David D. Porter (1813-91), son of David Porter, legation head in
Const., midshipman Delaware
Charles A. Auzé, midshipman, Delaware
Carlile Pollock Patterson (1816-1881), midshipman, Delaware, elder
son of the Commodore
James Lawrence Heap (1812-1839), son of the US consul in Tunis,
midshipman, Delaware
Henry Eld Jr. (1814-1850) of New Haven, CT, midshipman, Delaware
Richard Montgomery Tillotson (1818-1874), midshipman, Delaware,
resigned from the Navy
Officers of the Shark (Hiram Paulding, Lieut. Commanding), returning
to the ship August 3
Warren C. Kellogg (at Rutgers College 1830-32?), clerk on the Shark
Owen Burns (1810-1869), lieutenant on the Shark
Andrew McDonald Jackson ( -1840) of New York, purser on the Shark
Ferdinand Piper (c. 1812-1844) from Chester, PA, midshipman on the Shark
Mr. Mayo of South Carolina, probably Charleston (New-York Spectator
April 27, 1835)
Wm B. Hodgson (1801-71) former dragoman, Constantinople, Aug – early
Nov; to NY c. 3/1/35
Mr. Brown, seen in Alexandria by Rittenhouse Nutt, seeking to
introduce the cotton gin
• Dr. Rush Nutt, Natchez (1787-1837); Sept; Jerusalem Jan 1835, Cyprus
March, Smyrna May
• Rittenhouse Nutt, son of the above
Three Americans in Alexandria in September who saw Rush Nutt and his son

• John A. Lowell, Harvard for 2 years c.1815; arr. Alexandria Dec 27,
1834, in Egypt thru Aug.
N. Pendleton, Capt of the brig Alexander of Boston, July 28 –August
13, noted by John Gliddon
Six American members of the crew
William D. Phelps, Capt of the Regulator of Boston, Aug. 25 – Sept 18,
noted by John Gliddon
Martin Adams, first mate of the Regulator
James Warden, second mate of the Regulator and more American
members of the crew

• John L. Stephens (1805-1852), Columbia 1822; end of 1835, Jan –
March; passport 8/34
James Augustus Dorr of Boston (1812-69), Harvard College 1832, before
July; to NY 5/13/37
Ambrose S. Courtis of Boston; traveled with Dorr, before July (died in
Nauplion Aug 27, 1836)
• Richard K. Haight (1798-1863) of New York, in Egypt February –
mid-April, with his wife:
• Sarah Rogers Haight (1808-1881)
• Richard Randolph, New Hope, Penn., age 45, with the Haights,
passport 4/34; to NY 5/23/37
James McHenry Boyd, Baltimore (1811-47), Yale 1831; (Gliddon’s
W.McH.B.) passport May 34
U.S. frigate United States, Captain Jesse Wilkinson, in Alexandria
October 2 – 7
U.S. frigate Constitution, Captain Jesse Elliott, in Alexandria October 2 – 7
U.S. sloop John Adams, Silas H. Stringham, commander, in Alexandria
October 2 – 6
U.S. schooner Shark, William Boerum, Lt. Commanding, in Alexandria
October 2 – 6
• Horatio Allen (1802-89), Columbia 1823, Nov 27, 1836 - Jan 30, 1837;
passport 5/21/35
• Mary Allen, his wife, age c. 29, author of a diary of the tour; the
family to NY 12/4/37
• Mrs. James Dewar Simons, Horatio Allen’s widowed mother-in-law, age c. 50

Jesse Duncan Elliott, Commodore (1782-1845), USS Constitution, in
Alexandria Sept 14-24
Lewis Cass (1782-1866), U.S. Minister to France, on the Constitution,
to Cairo etc. with
Elizabeth Cass, his wife, and their four children (all went to Cairo,
Memphis, the pyramids)
Mary Cass (b.1812)
Lewis Cass, Jr. (b.1814)
Matilda Frances Cass (b.1818)
Isabella Cass (b.1820)
Henry Ledyard (1812-80), Columbia 1830, Cass’s secretary, later
married his daughter Matilda
? James Henry Prentiss (1810-49) US Mil. Acad. West Point 1830,
Capt. US Army, Cass’s aide
? Daniel C. McLeod of Georgia, surgeon, University of Pennsylvania
Medical School 1832
Lieut. Percival Drayton (1812-65), gave an Ibis mummy & four
ushabtis to the Am. Phil. Soc.
? Lieut. Oscar Bullus
? Lieut. Henry A. Steele
? Lieut. Henry Darcantel
? Lieut. Bushrod W. Hunter
? Lieut. William S. Ringgold
? Midshipman Eugene E. Rodgers
? Midshipman Montgomery Hunt (1817-1854)
? Midshipman Melancthon Brooks Woolsey (1817-1874)
? Midshipman Edward Clifford Anderson
? Midshipman John W. Bryce and Midshipman Charles E. Fleming
New Yorker writing to a fellow New Yorker, in Cairo November 10 (came
from Malta)

• Rev Edward Robinson, D.D. (1794-1863), Hamilton College 1816,
January 1 – March 12
• Rev James Adger (1812-1882) of Charleston, traveled with Robinson
Jan. 1 – March 12,
• Rev George B. Cheever of New York, Bowdoin 1825, with Robinson, Jan.
1 into early April
Rev Eli Smith (arrived Feb 25), left with Robinson and Adger March 12
• Henry McVickar of New York, Columbia 1836; passport Nov, sailed from
NY c. Nov. 20, 1837
• John Bard of New York State (later the founder of Bard College),
McVickar’s first cousin
Henry P. Marshall, agent of Scoville & Britton of N-Y U.S. minister to
Muscat, 1838-39
Captain Simpson of the Brig Carroll from New York, arrived late April?
with the following four:
Alexander Marshall of New York, at the Rosetta factory; Gliddon,
Appendix to “Am in Egypt”
John P. Bee, with Marshall at the Rosetta factory, May 21, 1838
through May 1841
Charles Palmer, with Marshall at the Rosetta factory
A fourth American in Rosetta; all four seen by Andrew Bonar, May
17, 1839 at a rice mill.
Dr. Valentine Mott of New York, Columbia College medical degree 1806,
May into June
Dr. William H. Jackson of New York, with Mott, May into June, left NY
Oct 11, 1837
Samuel Waring, NY, age 21 (son of Wm), with Mott, May into June,
passport 11/37, to NY 5/8
Dudley M. Haydon, Kentucky, age 21, with Mott, passport 7 March ‘37,
sailed c. April 24, 1837
Captain Simpson of the Brig Carroll returned to NY with the Paxton
party, 77 days from Egypt
Rev John D. Paxton (1784-1868), June 1 – mid-July, Alexandria and
Cairo; to NY Oct. 1, 1838
Martha Paxton, his wife (the former Mrs Asa Dodge), age 30, with their
infant & her two children
William Edward Snowden, age 21, Columbia College 1838, left Alexandria
with Paxton
William Ellis, age 21, left Alexandria with Paxton
Rev George Whiting and Mrs. Whiting (on a stopover from Beirut to NYC
via Malta?)
• Anonymous writer to the Baltimore Literary … Magazine & a retired
N.Y. merchant with him
Rev. John J. Robertson, visiting Egypt from Syra in November and early December

• Susan Holmes of NY, age 20, with Littlefield, Nov. 24 1838 –
returned to NY Aug 22, 1839. Journal
• Nathaniel Littlefield, NY, age 43, Nov 24, 38-Feb.; left N.Y.
5/1/38; died in the UK Aug. 1839
• Benjamin Brown, this year and 1840; passport issued Nov 21, 1838,
delivered to J. L. Stephens
• Stebbins B. June, this year and 1840; and Mr. Titus? (see New-York
Mirror, March 14, 1840)
Mellen Chamberlain (1795-1839), attended Dartmouth 1814-16, mid-Jan - early Feb.
Samuel G. Brown (1813-85), Dartmouth 1831, with Chamberlain &
McLellan, passport 6/6/38
Isaac McLellan, Bowdoin ‘26, w/ Brown & Chamberlain, mid-Jan-early
Feb.; left N.Y. 6/16/38
William Bennett of Charleston, mid-Jan. to early Feb.
Charles R. Swords (c.1812-81) of NY, Columbia 1829, mid-Jan – early
Feb. Passport 5/30/38
Aaron Smith Willington of Charleston (1781-1862), Jan – Feb; left New
York May 1, 1838
Mrs. Willington, letters to a newpaper
Harriet Elizabeth Willington, their daughter
Henry P. Marshall, U.S. minister to Muscat; also 1838; left Suez on
the Berenice, March
Rev. Simeon H. Calhoun of Boston, Williams 1829, mid-Feb – early
March; 2nd visit: mid-May
Andrew L. Ireland, age 31 (Colonel, NY state militia), March 15 – late
March; left NY 5/1/38
Mr. Betancourt, of Cuba, arrived and left Egypt with Ireland
• Philip Rhinelander, Columbia College, 1834, March 15 – May 17, left
NY May 1, 1838. Journal
• John Ireland Tucker, Columbia College, 1837, March 15 – May 17;
sailed from NY May 1,’38
• Samuel Haight Whitlock, Columbia College, 1837, March 15 – May 17,
traveled with Tucker
• Robert Fleming (from South Carolina?), March 15 – May 17
• Henry Augustus Cram, Princeton 1837, March 15 – May 17
• Anonymous American tourist writing letters to a newspaper, in May – June
Rev. Samuel R. Houston, June 1 – November
Margaret (or Mary?) Houston, (née Rowland) died Nov. 19 Cairo
• Rev. Dr. Charles Lowell (1782-1861), Harvard class of 1800, Sept –
Oct, passport 5/17/37
• Harriet Lowell, his wife
• Rebecca Russell Lowell (1809- 1873) one of their daughters
• George Sumner of Boston and Paris, late October – December; passport
issued Feb. 1838
• David Bushnel, age c. 29; traveled with Sumner, Nov – Dec; passport
issued Dec. 27, 1838
• Bostonian (Sumner? not Humphrey) letter to Boston Morning Post,
October to March 1840
• Henry B. Humphrey of Boston, Nov. 15 – March 1, 1840, left NY for
London, early May 1839

• Edward Joy Morris of Philadelphia (1817-1881), Harvard 1836, early
Dec1839 – early Feb
• Fairfax Catlett of Alexandria, VA; Yale 1829, Dec 1839 – Feb (Thebes
Jan 23?) with his wife:
• Esther Ann Catlett, c.34, daughter of Henry Laverty of New York;
passports issued Dec. 1838
• Stephen Olin, Middlebury College 1820, December 25, 1839 – March 7
• James Ewing Cooley of New York, Dec 25 1839 – March 7; passport 2/21/38
• Louisa Cooley, his wife
• Nathaniel Fish Moore, New York, Columbia 1802, mid-Jan-Feb; passport
6/7/39, left NY 7/10
English Brig Helme, left Alexandria late June, arrived New York August
14 with passengers:
Lewis Jones, left Alexandria with June and Brown in late June;
passport to leave US 10/15/39
Stebbins B. June, traveled up river with the Cooleys; left
Alexandria with Jones & Brown
Benjamin Brown, left Alexandria with Jones and June
• Daniel Low of New York (1792-1867), passport Oct 17, 1838; to NY Nov ’40
• Daniel Low’s daughter
• [William] Paine of New York, name seen at the tombs of the kings in 1845
John S. Miller of Philadelphia (a John S. Miller, age 38, arrived NY
May 14 1841 from Havre)
Thomas M. Preston of Charleston
Theodore Dehon (1816-1887) of Charleston; passport Oct 1838 (Gliddon’s Dehone)
George Lewis of New London (G. R. Lewis of New London, left Baltimore
for Havre Aug 6, 38)
Nova Scotia gentleman writing to the Boston Weekly Magazine, May 16: March
Rev John H. Hill, missionary in Athens, mid-April – mid-May
Miss Mulligan, Hill’s sister in law, teacher in Athens, mid-April – mid-May
Rev James May (1805- ), an editor, Episcopal Recorder,
mid-April–mid-May, passport 10/38
Ellen May (née Bowman), his wife; they returned to NY Nov. 1840
Rev Lewis Pintard Bayard of NY, College of N. J. (Princeton) 1809,
before Sept., left NY 4/29
William R. Mercer (1809-93) of Louisiana, October; bound for India
with fellow cotton planters:
T. J. Finnie & Messrs Blount & Terry; engaged by Capt. Bayles of the
East India Company
Captain Willis, Brig Kentucky, left Smyrna 9th of April or May for Alexandria

Charles W. King (1809-1867) of New York, with the firm Olyphant & Co,
Canton 1826-45
Gen. Josiah Harlan (1799-1871) of Philadelphia, returning from India
Robert or Thomas Oliver of Baltimore (1st cousin or uncle of Colt),
April (Gliddon’s “F.Oliver”)
John Oliver Colt, of Paterson, NJ, Yale 1833, to Boston 2 Aug
Alexander Van Rensselaer (1814-78) of Albany, Rens. Inst. ‘33 (Healy
portrait at Met. Mus. Art)
• Andrew Ganter Binninger of New York, age 21; left NY 5/27/40; name
at tombs of the Kings
Rev John J. Robertson, missionary of Constantinople, before May
J.W. writing to the New York Observer, March and April
Rev Story Hebard, missionary of Beirut, stopover between Beirut and
Malta (where he died)
Charles A. Gager (1814-1841), Yale 1835, tutor in Greek & Latin, died
in Cairo November 16.
• David Austin, Jr., New York, age c. 28 (name at Luxor), Oct. 18 –
Dec., left Cairo with Millard
• Chas. Edwin Bergh, N.Y., Dutchess County, Oct. 18; left Cairo with
Millard; to NY 10/10/43
David Millard, December 8 – 31 (Millard left Cairo with Messrs A & B)
• Rev Charles Wesley Andrews of Virginia (1807-1875), Episcopalian,
Nov. 17 - Feb. 8, 1842

John Cook of Philadelphia with his wife:
Mary B. Cook (née Crothers), who died in Cairo, 15 January
• John Guy Vassar (1811-1888) of Poughkeepsie, January and February
Clemuel Green Ricketts of Pennsylvania, age 46, Jan-Feb, returned to
NY Sept 5, 1842
Henry J. Bigelow of Boston (1818-90), Harvard 1837, Jan – March 5,
with White; passport 3/41
William Orne White of Salem (1821-1911), Harvard 1840; developed typhus in Egypt
Thomas Perkins Shepherd (of Providence?), met up with Bigelow and White
Mr. F______ of Philadelphia, seen in Alexandria March 2 by a gentleman
from Salem (White?)
William R. Mercer of Louisiana, cotton planter returning from India,
seen March 2 (see 1840)
T. J. Finnie & Messrs Blount & Terry, fellow cotton planters returning
from India, seen March 2
• Daniel Giraud of NY (c.1788 – 1855), 1820s consul in Cuba; passport
May 1841; to NY June
• Jacob Post Giraud of NY (1779- ?), merchant, father of the
ornithologist (JPG Jr.)
American (Jonathan?), traveled with W.D. Stent to Palestine (Egypt and
the Holy Land, I, 267)

John P. Durbin (1800-76), Cincinnati Coll 1825, Alexandria & Cairo,
Jan. 5-Feb., to NY 8/21/43
Rev. Thomas Sewall of Baltimore, with Durbin; passport issued with
Durbin’s 4/8/42
James O’Hara Denny of Pittsburg, age 21, with Durbin, returned to NY
Aug 21, 1843
James Cortlan of Baltimore, with Durbin; passport 4/14/42; all left NY
for Havre late April 1842
Dr. Miller of Virginia, part time with Durbin
Mr. Hart (Wm Howard?), with Durbin et al. to the pyramids, Jan;
passport Sep ’41, to NY 8/3/43
Barque Cambridge, Captain Chase, bound in late January for Messina &
Boston; arrived May 8
Fairfax Catlett, a second visit, for his health; passport issued
11/8/42, died in Cairo c. April 12
William Boulware of Virginia, Chargé d’Affaires, Court of the Two
Sicilies, June 10 - 27
Mr. Porter, consul at Constantinople, with Boulware (Damietta, Cairo,
• Dixon (probably Thomas Dixon of Boston) name at Medinet Habu & the
Ramesseum (Jan 29)
• Maunsell Bradhurst Field (1822-1875), Yale 1841
Philip F. Voorhees, Captain of the US. Frigate Congress, Alexandria,
Aug 30 – Sept 12
Robert L. Browning, lieut. on the Congress with the captain &
others to Cairo Sept 4 - 10
Richard Bache, lieutenant on the Congress
William Rockendorff, lieutenant on the Congress
Officer of the Congress, letter to a Washington newspaper from
Alexandria August 29, 1843
Barque Effort, Capt Hussey, sailed from Alexandria August 30, arrived
Boston Nov. 15
Caleb Cushing (1800-79), Harvard 1817, US minister to China;
Alexandria Sep 17, Cairo Sep 23

• Miner K. Kellogg (1814-1889), artist, late 1843 into mid-February
1844; passport Jan. 1841
• Dr. Charles Pickering (1805-78), Harvard 1823, MD’26;
12/14/43-3/24/44, en route to Bombay
Charles J. Fox, Dartmouth, 1831; age 31; left Boston 10/11/43;
Alexandria Jan 4; to Boston 8/44
Servant of Fox, from the US; left Alexandria with Fox ca. Jan. 8,
arrived Cairo nine days later
William Jay (1789-1858), Yale 1807, abolitionist; to Alexandria late
Dec 1843; to NY 8/21/44
Augusta Jay, his wife, and their two children:
Maria Jay, age 20
Augusta Jay, age 11; the Jays were joined by Charles Fox from
Alexandria to Cairo
James Taylor Dickinson, Yale 1826, returning from Singapore via Red
Sea, Egypt, Greece, Italy
Mrs Samuel Welles née Adeline Fowle, Boston, wife of the Marquis de la
Valette French Consul
Joseph Smith, Commodore, USS Cumberland, Aug 26 to Sept 9, to Cairo,
Hotel d’Orient
Francis Schroeder, secretary to Commodore Joseph Smith, to Cairo
with the following men:
Andrew Hill Foot (1806-1863), lieutenant on the Cumberland, August
26-early September
James B. Lewis, lieutenant on the Cumberland
William Whelan, doctor on the Cumberland
Andrew J. Watson, purser on the Cumberland
Joseph P. Sanford, lieutenant on the Cumberland
Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers (1819- ), Acting Master of the Cumberland
Daniel J. Sutherland, Lieutenant in the Marines, on the Cumberland
John Downes, Jr., passed midshipman on the Cumberland
Dr. Randolph F. Mason, Asst. surgeon on the Cumberland
J. Allston, Clerk on the Cumberland
Elias Vander Horst, Robert Savage, & Messrs Daniel & Snith,
midshipmen on the Cumberland
Luther T. Wilson, capt of the brig Ganges of Salem, arrived Alexandria
Sept 5; to NY Jan 3, 1845

• John Stevenson Maxwell (1817-70) Princeton 1835; secr. U.S.
legation, St. Petersburg, Jan-Mar
• S. Weir Lewis of Philadelphia, age 26, with Maxwell on the Nile,
bought things at Luxor:
W.M. Müller, “Some …monuments…in America,” Recueil et traveaux…
26, 1904, 32-34.
• James C. Thompson of Philadelphia, age 26, with Lewis, and Maxwell on the Nile
• Mr. Field (perhaps Franklin C. Field), seen by Maxwell at Karnak, Feb. 20
• Wm. Pinckney Starke of South Carolina: “Mr. Stark,” seen by Maxwell, Feb. 23
• Samuel Wells Williams, New York, Suez from Bombay Feb 17 – April,
name at Deir el Medina
Dr. Charles Pickering, arrived Suez Feb. 17 on the way back from
Bombay, with Williams
• Elisha Kent Kane, MD (1820-58) of Philadelphia; Univ. of Penn. 1843,
early April – May
Benjamin Perley Poore (1820-87), reporter, Brussels & Paris;
freemason, Lower Egypt, May
Correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, left Cairo May 6

• Alpheus Hardy, age 31; January 11 - March 13, 1846; passport Aug.
1845; to NY 9/4/46
• Rev. Mr. William M. Rogers, Harvard 1827, of the Central Church,
Boston; with Hardy
• Edward Austin, age c. 39; passport Aug. 2, 1845; left Boston
8/13/45; Egypt: 12/5/45 – 2/10/46
• Francis A. Gray of Boston, traveling companion of Austin; passport Nov 1844
• Henry A. Rogers of Providence, age 43, seen by Hardy at Thebes,
early Feb. passport Sept 1845
• Samuel G. Arnold of Providence, age 24, with Rogers, seen by Hardy;
passport Sept 1845
Rev. Dr. Swan L. Pomroy (1799-1869) Farmer’s Cabinet May 25, 1848; to
Boston 18 Sept 1846
• American party seen by Harriet Martineau, about to sail on the Nile
on December 1, 1846
“Old American merchant” resident in Egypt, seen by Harriet Martineau
in Cairo in December
Benjamin Perley Poore, second trip to Lower Egypt, October

American clergyman “A Traveller”, in Cairo, letter to the Christian
Watchman, June 1, 1847
Charles Izard Manigault (1795-1874) of Charleston, Nov. 19 Alexandria;
Cairo; left Alex. Dec. 9
Elizabeth Manigault, his wife, and four of their six children
traveling abroad with them:
Henrietta Manigault, age 18; five (not Chas.) returned to New York
from Havre October 28, 1848
Louis Manigault, age 17, Yale undergraduate
Alfred Manigault, age 7
• Charles Manigault Jr., Yale 1847; Nov. 19; said to have traveled on
the Nile with Hoppin
• James Mason Hoppin of Providence, RI (1820-1906), Yale 1840; Nile
with Chas. Manigault, Jr.
Samuel Mercer, Commander of the U.S. sloop-or-war Jamestown, September
27 – October 16
Thomas Egleston of New York, Nov. 19 Alexandria; Dec. Cairo, with his wife:
Sarah Egleston (née Stebbins) (1810- ); passport April 1847
Rollin Sanford of New York (c. 1806-78), Yale 1831, Nov 19 Alexandria;
Dec Cairo, & his wife:
Clarinda Sanford (née Harrison), married 28 April 1847; passport April 1847
William Kittera Conrad of Philadelphia, age 27, Cairo Dec.; passport
October 1847
Cleland Kinloch Middleton of Charleston (1824-1876), Harvard 1844, Cairo Dec.
John Harleston Read of Charleston (1815-1866), Harvard 1836, Cairo
Dec., passport June 1847
(Another individual from Charleston with the Manigaults on the steamer
to Cairo?)
(Nine of the men met the Pasha, Dec.; letter [by Hoppin] to the
Boston Cultivator, Aug 5,’48)
Correspondent of Major Noah’s Saturday Times, note in Pittsburg Sun
March 2, 1848 about:
Josh Hudson of New York, ex-patriot, once worked for June, Titus,
Angevine & Co. menagerie
W. Waterman from Howes & Co. Circus, purchasing camels

• Henry James Anderson, late 1847, seen at Ibreem Jan 9 by Wm. Hyett;
to NY, Nov 25 1848
• One of Anderson’s sons, probably Edward Ellery Anderson, age 15
• George W. Samson, Brown 1839, East St. Baptist Ch, Washington,
Dec1847-March 11, letters
• American with an Irishman and a Canadian, seen at Edfu Jan 22/23 by
Wm H. A. Hyett
• William Furniss, of Boston, from December 1847 to March 1848
• Mr. L_____ a New Yorker, who had traveled in South America; with Furniss
?Augustus W. Walker of New York, age 31, A.W.W. letters to the Boston
Recorder 2/16 & 23/49
Mr. L. J. F. (?), gentleman from Milwaukee, with A. W. Walker.
Physician traveling from Alexandria to Beirut, letter to the Christian
Inquirer, June 30, 1849
Henry Howell of Boston, on his way to Hong Kong, April
? Rev. Rufus B. Bement (1808-84), Rensselaer Inst, Troy, NY 1830;
perhaps to NY 10 June 1848
Charles B. Welles, in Cairo Dec. 8, 1848, left aboard the USS
Constitution late March 1849
Mr & Mrs B of New York, seen by Spencer in Alexandria & Cairo, Dec.
(did not go up the Nile)

• Rev. Francis L. Hawks (1798-1866), Nov ’48 – April; saw U.S. boats
(one a clergyman) Thebes
• Rev. Jesse Ames Spencer (1816-1898), Columbia 1837, mid-Dec 1848 - March
• George W. Pratt (1830-61), with Spencer; (the Messrs. S and P of New
York seen by Crosby?)
• Howard Crosby of New York (1826-1891), NYU, 1844, Feb. 1 – March;
passport March 1848
• Margaret Evertson Crosby (née Givan), his wife, age 19
• Mrs. Mary Ann Givan, (Mrs. Crosby’s mother); the three to Egypt with
Wainwright & Minturn
• C_____ of Boston, with the Crosbys on the Nile
• Rev. Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright (1793-1854) NY, Harvard 1812, Feb. 1
– March; NY 10/49
• Robert Bowne Minturn of NY (1805-66), with Wainwright, Feb. 1–March;
to Boston 11/10/49
S. G. Goodrich, coming from Canton, China; seen by Wainwright in Cairo
February 5-6
John Gwinne (1791-Sept 1849), Captain of the Constitution, Feb 24 –
March 26, to Cairo 3/13/49
Daniel S. Macauley, American consul; arrived Feb on the Constitution;
died at his post Oct 1852
Frances Ann Macauley, his wife, and
Constitution Stewart Macauley, their child, born on the Constitution
in sight of Alexandria
Andrew F. V. Gray, Lieut. on the Constitution, ashore c. March 4 – 12,
Cairo, Shepheard’s Hotel
Nicholas Nelson, destitute seaman, received on board the Constitution, March 14
• Henry Chauncey of New York, Harvard 1844, seen by Wainwright March
13, going up river
• Leverett Saltonstall of Salem, Harvard 1844, LLB 1847, with
Chauncey, March-April
• Matthew Flournoy Ward (1826-1862), November and December
Two American ships in Alexandria this year (Merchant Magazine 1850, p. 555)
Two travelers from the state of Arkansas seen in Smyrna, Oct. 29 bound
for Palestine & Egypt
Robert Bennet Forbes, Alexandria August 2, from London, bound for
India via Suez (& see 1851)

(J.L. Patterson saw “some American gentlemen, one of whom was ill” at
Abu Simbel, Jan 21)
(J.L. Patterson saw “thirteen English and American boats” at Thebes on
February 6)
• George William Curtis (1824-92), Harvard 1832, December 1849 into
1850, to NY 1850
• Quincy Adams Shaw (1825-1908) of Boston, Harvard 1845, with Curtis
Fisher Howe (1798-1871) of Brooklyn, early 1850 (or the end of 1849),
to NY July 1850
Elizabeth Howe (née Leavitt), died 1899
Miss C. Howe, of New York, Fisher Howe’s niece
Charles Eliot Norton, Harvard 1846, February 22 at Suez, returning
from India; passport 4/1849
William K. Latimer, captain of the USS Cumberland, Alexandria, August 7-12
• Dr. Jerome van C. Smith (1800-79), Nov. 1 through Dec; left Boston
April 3; to NY 11/13/51
• Rev. Frederic West Holland (1811-95), Harvard 1831; joined Smith in Naples
• Henry A. Warren of Boston (brother of Edward Warren); joined Smith
in Naples; passport 5/50
• Joseph Holt of Louisville, KY, age 42, probably this year; returned
to Louisville 1851
• Mrs. Holt
(Consular records state that there were twenty to thirty Americans in
Egypt in 1850; this means
that we lack the names of at least twelve travelers, perhaps those
on the boats seen by Patterson)

Elise Wadsworth, Geneseo, N.Y. married Charles A. Murray, British
Consul, Egypt; died 10/8/51
• Samuel A. Willoughby of Brooklyn, seen by Smith Dec 29,’50 coming to
Cairo; name at Philae
John C. Culbertson of New Albany, IN, seen by Smith Dec 30,’50
passport 4/8/50; to NY 9/16/51
Mrs. Susan Barton of Philadelphia, seen by Smith Jan 1 1851, surely
traveling with her husband:
Dr. John Rhea Barton (1794-1871), University of Penn. MD 1838, and
their two children:
Frank Barton, age 24
Alice Barton, age 19; the family returned to NY Nov. 10, 1851; seen by
Dodge Feb. 7, Cairo
“L. O.” man from Montgomery, AL, arr. from Malta c. Feb. 1, left Cairo
for Gaza , c. Feb. 12
Mr. H______, with the man from Montgomery, AL
Ten Americans, including L.O., men and women, set to depart from
Cairo for Gaza, c. Feb 12
• Pickering Dodge of Salem, Jan 31 – March 19 or later; letters in the
Boston Athenaeum
• Mr. Campbell of New York, seen by Dodge
• Mr. Chickering of Boston, seen by Dodge
• Mr. Northrop , seen by Dodge
• Mrs. Northrop and family
Rev. Mr. Melancthon W. Jacobus (1816-76) of Brooklyn, passport
10/3/50; to NY Sept 15, 1851
Sarah Jacobus (née Hayes), the family in Egypt c. February and March
Elizabeth Hayes, age c. 22, and Dr. James Hayes (Mrs. Jacobus’s sister
and brother)
Man writing to Washingtonian: Alexandria Jan 14th, Cairo Jan 21st
Daily Nat. Intell 3/25/51
• Edward C. Betts of Huntsville, AL (1820-91); 12/16/50 (Cairo), 1/10
(Aswan); passport 7/1850
• Mr. Dwight (Edmund?) with a Jerseyman, seen by George Lowth Jan 16 near Derr
• American companion of Mr. Dwight
• Caroline Paine (childhood friend of G.P. Marsh), late January or
February into April with:
• George Perkins Marsh (1801-82), US minister, Constantinople &
Caroline Crane M., his wife
• Miss Buell, niece of Marsh’s first wife
• Sister-in-law of Mr. Marsh
• Mr. Lovett of Washington, a young man with the Marshes
• R.S.T. of Boston, Jan-March, letters to The Independent; eight
Americans left Cairo with R.S.T.
(Twelve Americans seen by R.S.T. on the French steamer Caire, Malta to
Alexandria in January)
• Mr. D_____ with R.S.T.
• Benjamin Silliman, Jr (1818-85); “Prof. S. of Yale”, left Cairo with
R.S.T.; to NY 9/15/51
• John Banvard (1815-91), panorama painter; Jan and Feb; left Cairo with R.S.T.
• Frederick R. Fowler of New York, age 32, with Banvard on the Nile;
passport Sept 1850
• Thomas Mills Day (1817-1905) of Hartford, Yale 1837, with Banvard on the Nile
• Mr. Hatch of New York, with Banvard, perhaps Walter Tilden Hatch, Yale 1837
• William A. Lilliendahl of New York, age c. 18; Jan – Feb; passport Sept 1850
• Lt. Col. W. H. T. Walker, age 37, United States Army, noted by
R.S.T.; to NY 6/20/51
• Mr. Jones of New York, with Walker, seen by Pickering Dodge
• Captain George Washington Cullum (1809-92), West Point; noted by
R.S.T.; to NY 10/15/51
• Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon Scott (1800-92), with Cullum; noted by
R.S.T.; to NY 7/24/51
Simeon Kingman, captain of the Stamboul, with a shipment of ice &
apples from Boston; Oct 1
• Leavitt Hunt (1831-1907), photographer
• Nathan Flint Baker of Cincinnati, age 31, traveled with Hunt;
passport May ’51, to NY 8/17/52
• Bayard Taylor (1825-1878), November 4, 1851 to April 14, 1852,
traveled far into Nubia
• NY Physician seen by Taylor at Dendera, going up river, perhaps
Elbert H. Champlin (1818-83)
• Mr. Degen (probably Charles R. & Mrs.) seen by Taylor at Siout,
early Dec, coming down river
• Mrs. Degen
• Sidney A. Schieffelin, age 32 (American with the Degens? ) passport
May 1851; to NY 5/31/52
David Olyphant of New York (1789-1851), died in Cairo June 10 on his
way home from China
David Olyphant, his son, with him at the time, June
Robert Bennet Forbes, returning from the east with the Olyphants, Suez
to Alexandria, June
Alexander Rice of Mississippi, age 31, seen by McGavock in Alex, Dec
’51; to NY 6/14/52
Mrs. Rice, age 28
Mr. Grafton (Joseph G. of Boston, 1819-1900)?, seen by McGavock in
Alexandria, Dec. 1851
(and probably Grafton’s wife, Elizabeth Remsen Grafton, who returned
with him to NY in 1852)
Mr. Remsen of New York, seen by McGavock in Alexandria, probably
Grafton’s brother-in-law
Isaac B. Woodbury, Cairo, Dec. 30; letter signed I.B.W******* to the
Pittsfield Sun, 3/25/52
Five American merchant ships in Alexandria this year (U.S. Department
of State dispatches)
Brig Barbadoes, Captain Nenvens, in October (?) bound for Boston

(Steamers now on the Nile)
• John B. Ireland (1823-1913), NY University 1841, late 1851 to
February 24, 1852
• Lucius C. Duncan of New Orleans, Yale 1821; US comm. to Crystal
Palace Expo; with Ireland
Man from Michigan, “editor of a religious newspaper”, seen by Ireland
in Cairo Feb. 17
Dr. Howard Townsend of Albany (1823-67); Gen. Walker’s brother-in-law;
to Venice April 1852
• Randal W. McGavock, Tennessee, age 30, to Alexandria Dec 11 through
Feb 24; to NY 20/9/52
• William C. Johnstone of South Carolina, traveling with McGavock
• James Barry Price of Tennessee, age 19, with McGavock, returned to
NY Sept 6, 1852
• Edwin H. Ewing, lawyer, of Tennessee, with of McGavock; passport Feb
’51; to NY 9/6/52
• Frank Parrish, freed slave, accompanying Ewing as his servant,
passport issued with Ewing’s
• John Bridge of New York, arrived Alexandria Dec 11 and on the Nile
with McGavock
• Lewis K. Bridge of New York, age 22, with McGavock on the Nile; to
NY 2 May 1853
(perhaps two of the friends from New York who caught up with McGavock
after leaving Cairo)
• Thomas R. G. Peck, New York, age 24, Yale 1848, Feb – April; letters
to New-York Observer
Carter Harrison (1825-93), Yale 1845, left Alexandria April 14 with
Bayard Taylor
Rev. Horatio Balch Hackett (1808-75), Amherst 1830; passport November
1851; spring-summer
Joseph Thomas, M.D. of Philadelphia, age 40; passport January 1852;
Egypt: May 1-14, 1852
Mr. ____, friend of Dr. Thomas
Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky (1812-72), US Commissioner to China, via
Malta & Suez, Dec
Bayard Taylor (second time), going to India, China, & Japan, via
Alexandria (Dec. 8) and Suez
John B. Ireland (second time), Alexandria & Suez in December on his
way to Bombay
Barque Ithons (?), Captain Leckie, in Janaury (?), bound for Palermo and Boston
Brig Colombia, Captain Taylor, July or August (?), bound for New York
(A news account of July states that at least sixty Americans were on
the Nile this year)

• William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878), Williams College, Jan. passport
Nov 1852, to NY 6/22/53
• Charles M. Leupp of New York (1807-59), left the US with Bryant on
11/13/52; to NY 6/27/53
• John Durand (son of Asher B. Durand), with Bryant and Leupp from Paris
• Calvin Jay Keith of New Orleans (1800-Sep 53); on the Nile steamer
with Bryant; passport 7/52
• Rev. William S. Balch (1806-87), on the Nile with Bryant, left NY
June 1852; to NY 4/19/53
• John C. Havemeyer of New York, age 20, with Balch; passport April
1852; to NY 4/26/53
• George C. Taylor of New York, age 18, with Balch; passport April
1852; to NY 4/19/53
• Joseph T. Bailey of Philadelphia, age 18, with Balch; passport June
1852; to NY 4/19/53
• Mr. Reding from California, with Bryant, Leupp, et al. on the Nile steamer
(Four other boats with the American flag seen by Bryant, among them perhaps:
• Richard Morris Hunt, photographer, January 3 to April 12, with
Elliot and Fellows
• David Elliott of South Carolina, with Fellowes and Hunt
• David Dorr (a quadroon)
• Charles Fellowes (or Fellows) of Kentucky and New Orleans, Dorr’s owner!
• John H. Parrish of New York, seen by Hunt
Rev. Levi Tucker of Boston, seen in Alexandria by Dorr, returned to
Boston end of August 1853
• Francis B. Brooks, hon. member Porcelian club, Harvard, with
Coolidge; passport Nov 1851
• Horace Hopkins Coolidge, age 22, Harvard 1852; passport Nov 1852; to
NY Sept 19, 1853
• Abbott Lawrence, Jr., Harvard College 1849; seen by Hunt
• Harriet Paige Lawrence, his wife
• Katherine Bigelow Lawrence, Abbott’s sister
• Mr. Jones of New York, seen by Hunt
• Mr. Sciperion of New York, with Jones
• Rev. James Means (1813-63), Bowdoin 1833, principal Lawrence
Academy, Groton; to US ‘53
• Samuel Hammond, age 18; with Means, seen by Hunt; passport March 1852
• Gardner Hammond? seen by Hunt
• Mr. Sturgis (Russell Sturgis?) seen by Hunt
• George Henry Timmons, Harvard College, AM 1847, LLB 1849, with
Sturgis; passport 3/1852
• John Beasley Greene (1832-1856), photographer, with two others
(nationality?), seen by Hunt
• Rev. Joseph Parrish Thompson (1819-79), Yale 1828; Egypt with Upham;
Jan. 11 – March 28
• Thomas Cogswell Upham (1799-1872), Dartmouth 1818; Egypt with
Thompson; to NY July 25
• Benjamin S. Walcott (1785 - 1862), Jan. – March; passport Oct. 1852;
to NY Oct 3, 1853
• Mrs. Walcott; the Walcotts traveled with Thompson and Upham, boat
seen sinking February 5
• Rev. Dr. William Thomas Hamilton, Mobile, AL (and Newark), age 56,
Jan-Feb. with Duffield
• Rev. Dr. George Duffield (1794-1868), Detroit, Jan-Feb; letters to
Christian Observer
Robert R. Booth, Feb: Cairo; letter R.R.B. to New-York Evangelist,
passport 10/12/52 NY 5/14/53
George G. Baker of Ohio, late consul, Genoa, sent a granite block for
the Washington Monument
Thomas Crabbe, captain of the US. Frigate San Jacinto, in Alexandria
April 27 – May 10
Judge Richard B. Jones of Philadelphia, new U.S. Consul, arrived on
the frigate San Jacinto
Joseph Lanman, lieut. San Jacinto to Cairo April 29 with Capt
Crabbe, Judge Jones, et. al.:
Roger Perry, lieutenant of the San Jacinto
Dr. John H. Wright, surgeon of the San Jacinto
Henry W. Queen, lieutenant, marines, on the San Jacinto
Stetson, lieutenant of the St. Louis
Rittenhouse, purser of the San Jacinto
Everett, Chief engineer of the San Jacinto
Sharpe, Midshipman of the San Jacinto
Franklin W. Fish of New York, presented to the Pasha with the officers
of the San Jacinto in May
Hamilton Stewart of Philadelphia, presented to the Pasha with the
officers of the San Jacinto
Caleb Lyon of Lyondale, New York; left New York on January 22,
presented to the Pasha in May
Mrs. Lyon
Rev. Walter Hilliard Bidwell, New York, Yale 1827, editor, New York
Evangelist passport 6/3/53
Dr. Joseph Paulding, medical missionary in Damascus since 1845; Egypt
in the Winter
Edwin de Leon, (1818-91), new United States consul (when did he arrive?)
Henry Veazey Ward of Baltimore (1809-1873), noted by E. DeLeon
Keene Richards of Louisiana, perhaps this year, to purchase Arabian stallions

Mr. Ghebard (or Gebhard) seen at Shepherds (Jan) by R. W. Stewart, The
Tent and the Khan, 469
• Jane Anthony Eames of Providence and Concord NH, Nov. 7 1853 to Feb. 22, 1854
• Rev. James H. Eames (1814-77), her husband, Brown 1839, of Concord,
NH; passport Sept ’53
• American boat at Philae, Jan 13; another at Thebes with Bay State
flag, Jan 19, seen by Eames
• Mr. S _____of Boston, seen at Luxor, January 26 by Jane Eames
• George Leighton Ditson of New York (1812-1895); Nile in Jan,
pyramids with Eames, Feb 18
• Dr. James M. Flint of Baltimore, noted by DeLeon, with Ditson on the
Nile; passport 4/16/52
Mr. and Mrs. C____ seen in Cairo and again in the desert by Eames
Mr. W_____, seen in Cairo & the desert by Eames (P.M. Wetmore, Jr. of
NY? to NY 8 July 54)
Mr. F_____ from Alabama, left Cairo over the desert with Eames, c. February 23
• Mr. Yeatman of Kentucky (Mr. Y___ seen in Cairo & the desert by
Eames?); to NY 11/15/54
• Mssrs. P_____ and R______ of New York, seen by Ditson with Yeatman on the Nile
• Benjamin F. Robinson of New York, Dec. 11, 1853 – Feb. Passport May
1853; to NY 7/26/55
• Caroline A. Robinson, age 40, 12/11/53 to Feb, letters signed C.A.R.
to the Christian Inquirer
• Martha Jane Peck, age 19, niece of the Robinsons; they left New York
May 28, 1853
• Rev Mr Charles Lowe (1818-74), New Bedford; Harvard ’53 passport
8/53; 12/11/53 – 2/18/54
• Edward Irving Bigelow of Watertown, MA, Harvard 1848, with C.A.R.;
died in Cairo, 9 April
• Dr. John R. Lee of Worcester, MA; (1804- ), Yale 1826; passport
Aug ’53; Nile: early 1854
• William C. Goodhue of New York, with Brigham; passport May 1853,
then aged 37; Nile Jan.
• Rev. Mr. Charles A. Brigham of Taunton, MA; with Goodhue; passport
April 1853; Nile Jan
• Francis B. Dean of Taunton, Mass, age 33, with Goodhue and Brigham;
passport May 1853
• Rev. Dr. Benjamin Dorr of Philadelphia (1796-1869), late Dec 1853 -
Feb 16; passport 4/1853
• William White Dorr, his son; they returned to New York June 8, 1854
• Henry D. Gilpin (1801-1860), Philadelphia; U. of Penn 1819; passport
April 1853
• Eliza Gilpin, his wife; traveled with the Dorrs; returned to NY with
the McIntoshes 10/30/54
Hugh Maxwell of New York (1787-1873), Columbia 1808; left Alexandria
February 4 for Corfu
surely with his wife Agnes Stevenson Maxwell & their fourth
child, Agnes; all to NY 7/8/54
Mr. Dyer of Baltimore, and Mr. Rowe of Long Island, both left with Maxwell
Robert Milligan McLane (1815-98), US minister to China; Alexandria,
Cairo & Suez, early 1854
• John Lowery of New York, age 49, passport April 1853; left
Alexandria Feb 4 for Malta
• Mrs. Lowery (née Allen), and two Lowery sons, one age 7
• Ezekiel C. McIntosh of Albany (1806-55) passport October 1853, to NY
Oct. 30, 1854
• Caroline Carmichael McIntosh (1813-81), his wife; they left
Alexandria February 4 for Smyrna
• Miss Harris of Albany, age 20, with McIntosh
• Miss Shurtleff of Boston, age 30, with McIntosh
• Mr. John V. Beam of New York, age 23, with McIntosh, passport Sept
1853, to NY 11/13/54
Charles J. Merriwether of Virginia, age 56, left Alexandria Feb 4 for
Smyrna; passport June 1853
Louisa M. Merriwether, his wife, age 51; they returned to New York June 2, 1854
Ogden P. Edwards of New York, age 39, in Cairo Jan or Feb; passport
June 1853; to NY 7/26/55
Maria Sayles Edwards, his wife, age 27
S. L. Wheaton of Albany, in Cairo January or February
Mr. King of Albany, in Cairo January or February
Mr. Brevoort of New York, in Cairo Jan. or Feb, perhaps James Renwick
B., painter (1832-1918)
Mr. Cutting of New York, in Cairo Jan. or Feb, perhaps Wm Cutting, to NY 13/9/54
Samuel Irenaeus Prime (1812-85), Williams College 1829, correspondent,
New-York Observer
George E. Hill of Boston, Yale 1846, in Cairo Jan or Feb, with Righter
& Prime, all to NY 4/5/54
Chester N. Righter (1824-56), Yale 1846, with Hill &Prime, Alexandria
& Cairo late Jan & Feb
• John Beasley Greene, his second trip
Rev. Thomas McCague, missionary in Cairo, arrived November 15 with his
wife Henrietta
Rev. James Barnett, missionary in Cairo, arrived December 9

(Railroad from Alexandria to Cairo)
• Thomas Wickes Punnett of Troy, NY (1832- ), Williams class of
1852; to NY Oct. 29, 1855
• Charles A. Stoddard of New York, age 21; Williams class of 1854;
passport August 1854
• Arthur Mitchell, Williams class of 1853
• Rev. Isaac A. Tuttle of New York, age 41; Trinity College, Hartford,
1836; passport June 1854
• Edward M. Curtiss, age 21; passport April 1854; to NY Sept 20, 1855
• Edward Tiffany of Baltimore, age 24; passport February 1854; to NY
May 19, 1855
• William H. van Doren of New York; passport September 1854; to NY June 28, 1855
• Mrs. Van Doren
(These eight Americans were at Shepheard’s hotel; left for the first
cataract Jan. 17; 34-day trip;
and seen by Louisa Trotter, Wanderings in the Land of Ham, London,
1858, p. 57)
• Young American and his mother living at Medinet Habu, seen by Louisa
Totter, op. cit.
• Rev. Mr. Charles F. Martin, missionary, Dec. 1854; passport October 1854
• Mrs. Martin; seen by Prime on the Nile in the fall 1855
• William Cowper Prime (1825-1905), Princeton 1843; Sept – Dec, into Feb 1856
• Mary (“Miriam”) Prime (née Trumbull) (1827-1872)
• J. Hammond Trumbull of Hartford (1821-97), attended Yale without
graduating; with his wife:
• Sarah A. Trumbull (née Robinson) (“Amy”); the Trumbulls traveled with Prime
David Dixon Porter of the USS Supply, in Alexandria, November 30 to
January 22, 1856
Henry C. Wayne (1810-83), Major US Army, on the Supply, Cairo Dec. 8,
trying to buy camels
Gwynn H. Heap, US resident of Tunis, with Wayne to Cairo Dec. 8.
Camel export prohibited.
US steamer Saranac (Capt. John C. Long) in Alexandria December 4 – 18
William S. Boyd, 2nd Lt. on the Saranac, returned from Cairo Dec.
14 with fellow officers:
Miles K. Warrington, Lieutenant on the Saranac
Richmond Aulick, Lieutenant on the Saranac
George Maulsby, Surgeon on the Saranac
Thomas R. Ware, Purser on the Saranac
Charles E. Thorburn, Passed Midshipman on the Saranac
US frigate Congress (Commander Thomas T. Craven) in Alexandria Nov. 26 – Dec. 18
Seventy-seven men from the Congress given one-day shore leave in
Alexandria ca. Dec. 4
Samuel L. Breese, Commodore, returned to the ship from Cairo Dec.
14 with the following:
George A. Magruder, captain on the Congress
Mason Noble, Chaplain on the Congress
Mr. Lancing, Commodore Breese’s secretary, from the Congress
Roger Atkinson Pryor (1828-1919), U.S. Minister to Greece 1854, in
Cairo in December 1855
Hon. George Folsom (1802-69), Harvard 1822; late chargé d’affaires at the Hague
American consul-general of India, on his way to Calcutta, December,
seen by V. French

• Gabriel Edward Manigault (1833-1899) of Charleston; early in the
year, steamer on the Nile
• George Hayes of Philadelphia, age 40, traveled with Manigault;
passport June 1855
Edward C. Franklin of Providence, seen by Manigault in Cairo
• Mr. Redmond, Irishman who had lived for many years in Charleston,
SC, seen by Manigault
Walter Heyward, first cousin of Manigault and seen by him in Cairo
Blake Heyward, first cousin of Manigualt and seen by him in Cairo
• Joel & Emeline Weld Rathbone of Albany, seen by Prime Jan 1, 1856 at
Aswan; to NY 7/7/56
• Mrs. James C. Kennedy (née Julia Rathbone) of Albany, sister of Mr. Rathbone
• S(arah ?) Forsyth of Albany, with the Rathbones; to NY July 7, 1856
• John Turner Sargent (1807-77) of Boston, seen in Malta by Manigault
returning from Egypt
• Amelia Sargent (née Holmes), his wife; the couple seen by Prime near
Edfu early January
• Judge Edward King, age 40, seen near Edfu early Jan., 1856 by Prime;
passport Sept. 1855
• Dr. Thomas W. Fossett of Philadelphia (1813-1894), and Mrs. Fossett,
traveling with King
• Two Americans from New Orleans, seen by Prime near Edfu, early January
• Volney French of Milwaukee (1810-1881), Alexandria late December
1855 into March
• Young graduate from Providence, on the Nile with French
• Young physician from Washington, on the Nile with French
• Retired merchant from New York, on the Nile with French
• Mr. Marshall of Wisconsin, seen by Prime at Esne, January 9
• Henry F. Cox, Jr. of Racine, Wisconsin; on the Nile but not with
Marshall, seen by French
• Chester N. Righter, in Cairo December 1855 – February 15; first
visit to Egypt in 1854
Samuel A. Whitney of Glassboro, New Jersey (1819 - ), left
Alexandria Feb. 15
Charles Spence of Baltimore, left Alexandria Feb. 15
E. D_______, letter to the Southern Literary Messenger, left Alexandria Feb 15
• Mr. & Mrs. William C. Prime, left Alexandria Feb 15 (having arrived
September 1855)
William Seymour Tyler, professor of ancient languages, Amherst; Jan.
25 – Feb. 14
Edward A. Strong of Boston, Amherst 1855, with Tyler
George Washburn of Middleborough, Mass., Amherst 1855, with Tyler
Richard Henry Mather (1835- ), of Binghamton, NY, Amherst 1857;
Tyler’s nephew
Samuel Wheelock Fiske (1828-64) of Amherst; passport Aug. 1855; part
of the time with Tyler
• Warren Isham (1831-1863) Dec – Feb (which year?)
Atherton Blight (1834-1909), Harvard College 1854, Alexandria and
Cairo, February from Malta
Horace Howard Furness (1833-1912), Harvard College 1854, with Blight
Mr. Jewett of Buffalo, arrived from Malta with Furness
Mr. Fillmore, arrived from Malta with Furness
Mr. Corning of New York, (perhaps Edwin W. Corning) arrived from Malta
with Furness
Alexander B. Bullions of Albany, Presbyterian clergyman, arrived from
Malta with Furness
Mr. Huntington of New York, Presbyterian clergyman, arrived from Malta
with Furness
George Francis Train (1829-1904), from Calcutta to Suez, Cairo April,
and on to Balaklava
Matthew Gregory Wing (1826-1860), Yale 1847; returned to NY Nov. 3, 1857
John V. L. Pruyn (1811-79) of Albany & Harriet (née Turner) Pruyn
(1822-59), in the fall
J. H. Wells; collection of Egyptian antiquities purchased by the
Peabody Museum, Harvard
Lyman Coleman (1796-1882), Yale 1817, second visit to Egypt; with six
young Americans
• Archibald McI. Robertson of Philadelphia, Nov. or Dec. into 1857,
coming from Malta
• Augustus Graham Coleman (c. 1836-1888), with Robertson
• Samuel Richards Colwell, with Robertson
• John Hamilton Slack (1834-1874), Univ. of Pennsylvania 1856, with Robertson
• Dr. _____, with Robertson
Herman Melville, the novelist, December 28 – January 4, 1857;
Alexandria and Cairo only
Officers of the USS Constellation, in Alexandria, seen by Melville