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19th Century Travellers Graffiti in Egypt -

The Underdog

In particular the example of Egypt shows a neglected niche of graffiti history. Despite its historical and cultural value, only a few studies in academic papers, encyclopaedias or graffiti history books mention the graffiti left by 19th century travellers who had visited the ancient sites along the Nile.



J. Pott 1831, left his name several times, someone travelling by later wrote over it the word "Piss". This could have possibly been a french visitor, as they sometimes -the French and British- crossed out each others names.

Alfred Brehm's graffiti from 1851, left even though parts of Philae having been under water. Brehm also did a similar graffito, along with Bauerhorst, at Abu Simbel's main entrance of the Great Temple, left side.