An amazing, adventurous journey into cultures & history of the past...


The beginning of an amazing adventurous journey.

Long time ago at a garage sale I bought a few 8mm film-rolls, color slides, all dated from the years 1963-1968. Everything had been untouched in a closet for over 20 years. 

Shortly after, I found at a fleamarket another box of color slides from 1968-73.

.. could  not wait to watch the film reels. They turned out to be 10-25 minutes, homemade travel movies.  Munich, Istanbul, Tunisia, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece and Lebanon. Same with the color slides. Wonderful photography. Among them photos from Algiers to Tunis 1969,  a 1973 bus trip, travelling from Istanbul to India, via Iran and Pakistan. Scandinavia & Balkan etc. etc.

Recognizing the cultural and historic value of these films and photos, that needs to be shared. Therefore I will be uploading a selection as soon as they are digitalised. In a next step, I plan to ask people from these regions to film & photograph (with their smartphone, etc.), from the same perspective(!) as in my film reels or photos.
The difference, 50 years later, should be very interesting. .. Especially some places changed  due to urbanisation,  conflicts and wars, or from tourism, long after the films & photos were taken.
please be patient. more to follow.........  A film documentary is produced parallel, as not all the footage can be used here. Many treasures and background stories accompanying this project, that should not be withheld. ;-)